5 Reasons To Buy High Vis Workwear

High Vis clothing has become more and more prominent in the work place, which is exactly what the inventor of it would have wanted I suppose!


All jokes aside though, high visibility workwear now comes in many forms, making it more comfortable and easier to wear than ever before.


Where once you may have had an apron or tabard flying around, there are now polo shirts, t-shirts and jumpers as well as more normal items such as jackets, trousers and bibs.


In fact the only thing not available today is the world’s first item of high vis clothing, which was in fact a wedding dress! Although I’m sure you’ll be able to pick one up somewhere if you’re that way inclined.


We’ve compiled a list of FIVE essential reasons to get your hands on some high visibility workwear today.


1. Keeps You Clean


Starting off by breaking you in a little gently before we get to the real nitty-gritty, a lot of high vis workwear is worn as an overcoat or overtrouser. Aside from keeping you safe, these will also keep your normal clothes clean and fresh for the rest of the day.


2. Increased Visibility


The primary function of high visibility workwear is of course being seen, and contrary to popular belief, workwear which complies with the European safety standards for high vis clothing DOES make you more visible, it’s been proven in tests.


Roadside workers in high visibility clothing, at night, are seen at around 700ft on average. This is compared with workers who were dressed in regular clothing who were not seen until 100ft away.


Imagine a truck driving along at 40mph. When it comes to stopping distances, having some high vis clothing on could literally make the difference between life and death.


3. Deaths & Accidents


If you’re still in that small minority of people who think ‘High Vis doesn’t make any difference’ then think about the 70 people every year who are killed through not being seen in the work place, or the 2000 who are seriously injured.


If you don’t want to be one of them, I’d highly suggest you pop on some high vis safety clothing right away.


4. Prevent Days Off


One for the bosses here I suppose, but every year around 25 million days off is reported through serious injuries sustained in the work place.


Take into account the above information, and you significantly improve the level of safety at your work place, and are likely to have fit and healthy staff each and every day, with few days off.


5. It’s The Law


Alright, I’ve heard every counter argument so far, well this should be the game changer for those who still can’t get their heads round just how important high vis clothing can be.


If you work in a place where large machinery or vehicles are on the move, such as on a roadside, or in a warehouse… basically anywhere that people may come into contact with machinery, then it’s the law to provide them with high visibility clothing which reaches the EN471 standards.


That should just about do it. Nobody wants to be seen as a negligent employer or even be sued massively if there is an accident, so for the sake of safety, invest in some high visibility clothing today.


Brookes have a wide range of high vis workwear on sale now to suit all trades, so pick some up today and increase your safety standards right now!


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