Choosing Personalisation For Your Workwear

At Brookes we make sure that it’s quick and simple to get your work clothes up to scratch by offering a great personalisation service when you make your order. We’ll talk about that in a while, but for now here’s why we think having your workwear customised makes all the difference.

First of all, it gives a much better and much more professional look to your items. Take for example a polo shirt – a plain white polo shirt on its own looks ok, but nothing special. However if you add your logo to it, it will give customers instant recognition of who you are, who you represent, and give the company a much more professional feel. It’s not just customers who will pick up on the brand recognition though, it’s potential customers too.

A recent survey by the Advertising Speciality Institute revealed that adding personalisation to even just a t-shirt means your logo will be seen on average around 240 times per month. At the same time, around a third of people have stated that they are more likely to use a name or brand they recognise.

Seems fairly straight forward to see the advantage here then, as by having your logo on your workwear items means around 80 people per month are now ‘much more likely’ to use you than they were before.

This high level of brand recognition is one of the real big bonuses of having personalised workwear for your staff, but it’s equally important to make sure you choose the right personalisation, in the right places.

Some items are better suited to printing than embroidery, and likewise some more suited to embroidery, so factor in these things when seeking out customisation on your workwear.

When choosing a polo shirt to be embroidered, the higher the ‘pique’ the better. A higher pique will allow the needle to flow through the garment better, and also provide a nice clean finish as on some thinner garments, the material will ruck up during the embroidery process, and not look particularly great. This also applies to regular t-shirts too, where you’ll find screen printing the best option.

When it comes to hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts and trousers, the choice is yours whether you want embroidery or printing. We recommend embroidery if you’re adding just a logo to say the left breast area, and you will want to have screen printing should you want a sweatshirt, hoodie or jacket emblazoned with a large logo or slogan across the front or back.

Our prices are very competitive at just £1.10 for embroidery. When you take into consideration the stats we quoted earlier of 80 potential new customers per month, you’re looking at less than 2p per customer. A very low cost indeed.

When it comes to deciding how you wish to personalise your clothing, there really is no better choice than Brookes. We make the process of ordering simple, and you can do it on check out when you make your workwear order.

If there’s any further confusion, or you simply want to enquire as to which personalisation option is best for your business and budget, simply give us a call on 0844 209 6389 today, and our friendly staff will guide you through every step of the way.


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