Could ‘Diggerland’ be the ultimate busman’s holiday?

After a hard week working on construction and demolition sites the last thing some of you may want to do is visit an adventure park based on your work but ‘Diggerland’ now has four sites across the UK, and offers children and adults the opportunity to ride and drive real full size construction machinery, albeit under the guidance of trained staff. So now you show how difficult your job is, but it can be fun too.

The company which runs this advertises it as an action packed family fun day out. There is something for all ages as there are themed rides including digging with a 6 ton digger, although the normal height restrictions apply as at other theme parks. They offer play areas, sandpits, as well as the normal food and drink amenities, and themed shop for all your digger mementos.

They have even had special dress up days where kids get free entry if dressed up as a builder, with coveralls, hard hats and tool-belts high on the list of criteria for admission. 2013 also saw the return of a series of special events, including the ‘Car Smash Challenge’ where crowds were treated to the sight of cars being reduced to a lump of metal by the attentions of a large digger and its expert driver. Something I’m sure you have never wanted to do in real life.

The company has been such a success that this year sees the opening of its first site in the USA. A fourteen acre site in New Jersey will offer the opportunity to operate heavy machinery in a family-friendly environment.

So why not take the kids this weekend and show them what real work is like, and who knows you could even learn something new yourself. The four UK sites are based in Kent, Durham, Devon and Yorkshire, so there is plenty of choice.


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