Embroidered polo shirts uk continue their rise in popularity

Embroidered polo shirts uk are a mainstay of fashion today, whether for work or leisure wear. Buy a branded polo shirt and it looks great with anything from a pair of jeans to smart chinos. You can even wear them with shorts, and it remains a stylish, yet practical piece of clothing.

The use of embroidery on polo shirts, especially for workwear, has since a recent increase as companies appreciate how stylish they look and the positive impact it has on the business. It has the dual effect of increasing the branding of the business and it also makes the workforce look smarter and more professional in their appearance. Go into any business where the workforce is wearing this type of apparel and the initial impression you have is that everyone is part of the same team. It shows that everyone is working the same way, singing from the same hymn sheet you might say. You are creating your business’ own identity, with a little work on the on the design so that you have your own logo on the front of each piece of clothing.

Research has shown that a workforce’s positivity is improved when embroidered clothing is utilised as they feel that they are part of the company. As everyone is wearing the same colour and product it removes worker rivalry or peer pressure to dress to impress or meet dress codes. In addition, you have the ability to pick specific colours of garments to match corporate livery and this is further enhanced with the addition of your logo.

Using embroidered polo shirts uk is a proven way to establish your company branding and footprint and here at Brookes our specialised team can look after you from your initial enquiry to the delivery of your finished garments. So give us a call and get your business moving.


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