High fashion or workwear: polo shirts embroidered fit the bill

The humble polo shirts embroidered or plain can be found in any environment whether its high fashion or the workplace. Not bad for a garment that was once just an item of sports kit. Polo shirts are an item of clothing that is versatile enough to be worn by either sex and of any age. The comfortable fit makes it a great choice whatever your shape and size

Often seen as a part of sportswear it has become more common in recent years as the item of choice as part of staff uniforms, particularly in retail areas and within the technology sector. More recently it has also become more popular with high end fashion houses and a principal item for those who look for that effortless casual street style.

The use of embroidery on your polo shirts is a great option for the workplace as it is a simple effective way of advertising the business and introducing a uniformed look for staff. This allows the possibility of additional garments being easily issued for specific promotional events with an additional log o being added for the event or product being promoted.

This is also true for customising a team’s look when branding a polo shirt for using as sportswear and it can even enhance the look of a tour or excursion group, especially for school trips, as it makes everyone in the group easily recognisable. Events such as charity fun raising events can benefit from this so that the charity’s name is clearly displayed on every item of clothing.

Not only are polo shirts smart, durable and easy to wear, but they can be worn at any time of the year, blending with anyone’s wardrobe, and combining with other clothing to produce a smart but casual look.

So whatever your polo shirts embroidered or plain here at Brookes our specialised team can deal with your requirements so that you get exactly what you are looking for, and at a price that can’t be beat.


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