How Much Can We Save You?


How much do you want to save?


On the face of it there are several fairly obvious answers. As much as possible!  At least half price. In fact I want it for nothing!

Well the fact is no business in the world can exist without charging at least something for it’s products. A conundrum that a lot of internet based companies, especially facebook, are still in some ways trying to solve. Here at Brookes we operate in a similar way to some of the biggest players in the online retail world. To start with although we have a website, a call centre and a big warehouse we don’t have a retail store. That’s one of the big advantages that we have. In fact it’s one of the reasons that we are as successful as we are.

In a nutshell: The way we do business means that we can make savings. We pass those savings on to our customers. Hopefully this keeps everybody happy.

 I thought I’d remind you of what we say about ourselves. It’s how we describe ourselves but as much as anything else it’s a mission statement. Now believe me "mission statement" isn’t a phrase that I’m intrinsically comfortable with. It does however sum up who we are and what we deliver so, if you have made it this far, please read the following paragraph. OK big breath …………….


 Our philosophy is to make things easy, we take the hassle out of buying workwear and promotional clothing. If its cartons of corporate ID’d polo’s for your retail chain or 11 shirts for your local cricket team, we are willing to help you. We sell direct. No middle agents. No reps. So we sell at great prices. We focus on price and you, the customer. The more you buy – the more you save.

 Hopefully that wasn’t too tough but its nice to let people know what we do and why we do it once in a while. Now we’ve talked the talk, so in terms of savings, here’s where we walk the walk. Just a couple of examples for you. For instance these Safety Boots or these Polo Shirts. You’ve got to admit they represent good value. So if you haven’t already, please feel free to browse our website we really do have some amazing workwear bargains.


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