How to buy a Hoodie & Add your logo

The Hoodie or hooded sweatshirt is available in an almost boundless range of styles and colours, with fits that reach from snug to decidedly baggy. Here at Brookes you will find that with such a choice we have something that is appropriate for any business or leisure organisation or club, whatever your requirements and all are suitable for having company branding or logos added using our own in-house personalisation service.

But how do you decide which hoodie is best for you? Here is some information about the make-up of the hoodie that will help

The hoodie has two main designs, the fully zipped and the over the head. There is another type which is partially zipped, but it still has to be worn over the head. Whereas the fully zipped version has two side pockets, the other the head hoodie normally incorporates which is known as a kangaroo pocket as part of their design. All pockets can be open or zipped depending on the individual design.

The most important consideration is the fit of the hoodie as if it doesn’t fit correctly then it is not going to look or feel good. If being used as workwear for example you don’t really want a hoodie that is too tight, sleeves too short or cuffs too long as these are factors that will affect how well you can work, especially if outside.

Some designs can also feature additional linings, which is usually a synthetic material such as polyester. This will supply extra warmth and comfort to the garment, however you should check the individual design of a garment as some have only the body area lined, or will have the hood double lined. Additional fleece lining, trapping additional warmth, makes this a great option when thinking of adding another item to your winter wardrobe.

The hoodie is an ideal garment for adding your own company branding or logo to give that professional finish. Why not read the recent blog on ‘How to Embroider Your Workwear’ and see how we can have your hoodies embellished so that your business gets noticed. So check out the full range of hoodies on the Brookes website and select the garment that is right for you


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