How to buy a workshirt

When choosing a workshirt, with so many options available,  it can be a little overwhelming so it isn’t always easy to find the perfect shirt for your needs. However, whether you work in a corporate office, the hospitality sector or a more relaxed environment it is important to select the right style and design that will stand up to the particular area you are working in day after day. Here at Brookes we have workwear shirts that suit all occasions, and here are a few things to consider so you can make the right choice.

The fit, style and colour of a shirt are important elements to consider when thinking about which workshirt will be suitable for your requirements.

A great fitting shirt sets off a professional look, but you may want to think about the type of fit. A regular fit can offer additional comfort in some styles adding additional pleats in the back, whereas a more tailored fit gives a more fitted silhouette, and the slim fit with back darts allows for a neater waistline.

Collars also come in different designs which change the look of a shirt. The classic collar is ideal for both work and everyday wear and looks good with or without a tie. The button down or Oxford collar is another choice which looks good with or without a tie, so is a versatile option for a formal or relaxed look. The forward-point collar is a style that is typically worn with a tie. These types of collar are better suited to office environments, but a soft collar may be a better option on shirts that are to be worn in other sectors such as the hospitality industry depending on the look your company is presenting.

Cuffs on long sleeved shirts come in two styles, surprisingly called the Single and Double. The single is a classic style which can come in rounded and angled versions and fits with formal dress codes. The double is folded back and is fastened with cufflinks, so is now traditionally found on dress shirts rather than workshirts, although some do allow cufflinks to be utilised.

Here at Brookes we offer a range of workshirts to suit all professions so check out our full range for your requirements and these can be customized by adding your company name or logo. Give our experienced staff a call today.


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