How to buy Hi Vis Trousers

Hi-vis garments have been around since the mid-1960s when vests were first introduced on the railways in the UK, but hi vis trousers are now available in various colours and types. It might not win any fashion awards, although one singing star and his whole band was kitted out in high vis clothing from head to foot for a performance at the weekend, but it makes a real difference to your safety at work.

They are certainly standard issue for anyone working in a potentially hazardous situation, whether that is a construction site or a factory. It is common sense, after all, that the more easily you can be seen in any situation, then the more likely a serious accident can be avoided. This is proven by the fact that since the first hi-vis garments were introduced on the railways the rate of deaths and serious injuries has reduced year on year for that industry.

Hi vis trousers are a specialist type of trousers made from materials that are fluorescent. Although different types are manufactured they normally have reflective bands incorporated into their design which increases their overall reflectivity, so increasing the visibility of the wearer in both day and night conditions. This is especially important for those working outside at this time of the year with less daylight hours, so extra provision should be considered if working early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

Trousers can be simply overtrousers to be worn over existing work trousers or can be specially made trousers complete with cargo pockets for those work essentials. The Dickies Hi Vis GO RT Railway Workwear Trousers for example, have two high visibility strips on each leg and come in bright orange, so you will be seen, but they are also more practical as they have knee pad pouches for kneepads, side pockets, a cargo pocket with mobile phone holder and two rear pockets.

So, make sure you take a look at the full range we have available here at Brookes, the home of workwear, and make sure you are safe by making sure you are seen


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