How to buy Workwear Polo Shirts

Here at Brookes we offer an amazing range of workwear polo shirts so whether you are buying for your staff uniform, a sports club or organisation, or simply for your own use, how do you make sure you are selecting the right one. Here are a few tips that may help you decide as polo shirts have become a staple of the modern workwear wardrobe for both men and women.

The polo shirt is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing, being a mix of smart and casual, having a shirt-like collar being combined with a more comfortable material. They can be used with most other items of workwear clothing depending on the style you have. There are a lot of variations so you do need to think about fabric, weight, colour and usage before making a final decision.

When it comes to usage for example, how active are the people who will be wearing the polo be? Will they be wearing it on a daily basis? Will it require to be washed on a daily basis? So if your workforce are very active and are wearing the polo shirt day in, day out at work then you really need a durable and washable product. In this instance a poly/cotton polo shirt will be a better choice than a 100% cotton garment as it washes well and is less prone to shrinking and colour fading over time.

For certain environments you will also need to look at whether you need a heavyweight or lightweight polo, depending on the activities your workforce are undertaking. Similarly if the polo shirts are for a sports team or organisation you may want to consider one of the wicking shirts.

Another element that can have an effect on your decision is the colour, you may have a corporate colour you wish to utilise or you be looking at having a different colour for each team within your organisation. If you do want to go along the lines of having a specific colour please be aware that you have to consider your logo at the same time so that you do not create clash between the two.

The use of the polo for some will be to use it as a singular piece of clothing to be used, for example to create a team/company look for use at a conference or exhibition. However, for many it is going to be utilised as part of a uniform so make sure the other garments, such as a fleece or bodywarmer, give you the overall look for your company.

So whatever you looking for here at Brookes we have an extensive range so you can have the right polo shirt for your workforce. And remember we do have our own in-house embroidery team who can add your logo or company branding to add that final professional touch.


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