How To Buy Workwear Trousers

Workwear Trousers come in all sorts of colours shapes and sizes. Not to mention many of them are tailored for various different jobs. What’s right for someone else, may not be right for you, and choosing the biggest or most expensive brand does not always mean they are a ‘Jack Of All Trades’ and can be used anywhere.


When it comes to choosing the right workwear trousers for your needs, take some of these factors into consideration:


Sizing Options


What some people seem to forget when choosing a pair of workwear trousers, especially from an internet shop such as ourselves, is that different brands make slightly different sizes. Just like everyone else in the clothing industry. Make sure you know which size to order before you place it to avoid having to send anything back. Our customer service team are more than happy to answer any questions, just call them on 0844 209 6389.


You’ll also want to consider how much leg room you require. If you work in an area where you’re bending or kneeling a lot, you’ll want a pair with extra leg room.




A pair of trousers is a pair of trousers? Well not really when it comes to workwear. Whilst many pairs of workwear trousers look the same, it’s the added extras which tend to have a big influence on whether or not you purchase. These extras however, will in most cases add more on to the price, so take the time to consider if you need a pair of workwear trousers which have kneepads, a hammer loop, 6 pockets and the like.


Colour & Style


Workwear trousers come in various colours and styles now. Most people will know what they are looking for, and most pairs are either black or grey, but there are other ones too. If your company has a specific look or uniform, Brookes can cater for it.


Uniformity in the workplace is a key element in giving a company the edge over competitors, as it gives a highly professional look to customers and the public.




When buying workwear trousers, this will tend to be the biggest factor for most businesses that are kitting out their staff. Once you’ve taken into account all the other factors we have listed above, the price will be a big factor. At Brookes we provide excellent value for money, and we believe all our pairs of workwear trousers, from the low priced to the slightly higher priced, are durable and look great. Just be careful with your budget though, as the higher the price does not always mean it’s the most suitable for your area of business.




It’s useful to seek recommendations on items too. Luckily to get them you don’t even have to stray from the Brookes website. Our customers often provide feedback on their items, and you’ll see that nearly all come with satisfaction rating in the high 90’s, and in most cases 100% satisfaction.


Take into account what people say though, as it could help your decision one way or another.


A useful service offered by Brookes is that our sales team isn’t just your ordinary sales team. They are experts in the field of workwear, and are always happy to make recommendations based on your needs. Why not give them a call today and they can help you step by step.


And there you have it, the complete guide to buying workwear trousers, a lot more to take into consideration than you may have imagined, but we’re always here to help our customers!


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