How To Choose The Right T-Shirt

There are all sorts of considerations to take in when buying a t-shirt. When buying one in a shop we tend to make the calculations fairly quickly, but when it comes to choosing a t-shirt for workwear, you really ought to slow it down and take things step by step, especially when it’s part of a uniform that will be worn all year round.


We’ve broken the process down into some easy steps for ordering your perfect workwear t-shirt, ensuring you make the right choice for your business.




You’ll know fine well from doing your own shopping that sizes can vary from shop to shop, and most of us know what size we are in which shop. However when it comes to choosing workwear, sizes can be a little confusing, as most don’t know the brands inside out. ALWAYS check the size guide before you order, to ensure a good fit.


Also consider your area of work too. Do you need tight fitting t-shirt or something baggier? We have a size guide on every product page at Brookes, which his well worth taking advantage of.




Depending on where you work you may want to consider various different fabrics before choosing a t-shirt. We have a range of Cotton, Polyester and Cotton/Polyester Mix t-shirts on offer and all come with various advantages.


A 100% cotton t-shirt will keep you warmer and is incredibly durable, in fact cotton is amongst the strongest natural materials in the world.


A 100% polyester t-shirt also has its advantages too though. Polyester will keep you cooler, and dries much quicker once wet or sweaty – a perfect tee for those warmer days.


If you still can’t decide, then of course there is a mix of both. This choice is one of the most popular choices, and provides the best of both worlds.




The weight of a workwear t-shirt will not only give you an indicator as to how thick the shirt is, or how warm it might keep you, but also provide insight on shrinkage and t-shirt distortion during washing.


Every t-shirt in the world today will shrink to some degree upon washing; however take note that heavier t-shirts and polyester/cotton mix t-shirts have virtually no shrinkage upon washing, and can handle a much more vigorous wash.


Embroidery & Printing


When choosing a t-shirt as an item of workwear, consider whether or not you wish to add your company logo to your garments. Adding a logo provides not only a professional look, but also increases brand awareness to every person who see’s you or your work force in the t-shirt.


Brookes offer customised embroidery and printing, with prices starting at just £1.10 per item. Give our knowledgeable sales team a call on 0844 209 6389 to find out more.




This is the main deciding factor for most people when buying a t-shirt. At Brookes we have a wide variety of t-shirts, all of which offer superior quality at incredibly low prices. You can also save even more when you buy in bulk, so the bigger the order, the bigger the savings.


We hope you’ve found this guide to be useful. To view our extensive range of t-shirts just head to


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