How to choose the right workwear trousers

Your job might involve manual or practical work, or you might be looking to do a few DIY jobs around the house, but whatever your situation you need to be wearing the right clothes for the job and the environment so that you get the best combination of safety, protection, comfort and hard wearing garments and that they are of course cost effective for your budget

This is not a five minute job as this is important, because if you are not comfortable, or you are not getting the right protection then you will not be able to concentrate on the job itself properly. It may be the case, if you work outside on a regular basis throughout the year, that you will probably require a pair of heavy duty trousers, possibly lined for the winter, while in the summer you might prefer to wear shorts.

For jobs that involve using a variety of tools and small items of equipment, then a pair of workwear trousers with multiple pockets as part of the design will be a practical choice for storing items when not in use but keeping them ready for use when wanted. Some of these pockets are even designed especially for specific tools. In addition if your work involves a lot of kneeling then look for those types of trousers that include knee pockets for knee pads to help with comfort and practicability.

The trousers you spend your working day in should be comfortable, practical and durable, suited to your working environment, but they can also be used, in most circumstances to add that extra professional look by adding your own company logo or name to them using our in-house personalisation service.

There is a wide range of styles and types of trousers to choose from, with most being available in a variety of colours. The trousers should be a good fit, so that you can move comfortably, whether bending down to work in cramped spaces, or climbing up and down ladders.

For example the Regatta Action Trousers  (Ref: TRJ330) have a wider colour configuration than our other work trousers ranges. They are durable as you would expect and are water resistant to keep the wearers legs dry when operating in the wonderful UK weather. These workwear trousers are particularly useful as driver’s trousers rather than for trade work wear as they don’t have knee pad pockets and are not triple stitched on high stress areas. They do however have an elasticated waist which allows for more comfort when in a sitting position for long periods. They have a contemporary fit yet are not restrictive in the name of fashion. They have a lightweight design and are available in a wide size range.

Alternatively you might want to consider the Dickies Super Workwear Trousers (WD884) which also come in a variety of colours. Triple stitched for durability, with knee pad pockets so that you can use them if spending a lot of your workday kneeling in cramped areas so that that you get additional support and comfort. With zipped or stud fastening pockets these are ideal for keeping your everyday work items close and safe ready for use. Tough and hard wearing they stand up to the daily rough and tumble of the workday. As one customer put it, ‘the trousers take the abuse my workshop throws at them and they come back for more’. They offer excellent value for money, are comfortable to wear and offer great durability in practical working environments, whether indoors or outdoors.

So you can make it a series of questions such as:

Are these hard wearing?

What colours do I require?

Do you need to match a work uniform?

How many pockets do these have?

Do you require knee pads, if so you will need knee pad trousers in particular with sufficient pockets?

Do you prefer zip or button fastening?

Do you already have a favoured brand in mind?

How does price effect your decision on purchase?

Are you looking for a budget pair?

Put this together and you should end up with the best choice for your particular requirements, whether it is with knee pads, or shorts, so why not apply this to the range we have available on the website and see which pair suit you best.


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