How To Stay Cool With Summer Workwear Style

Consider your work environment. First of all you need to make sure that you aren’t taking too liberal an approach to the office’s standards. A good rule of thumb would be if you haven’t seen your manager do it, don’t do it yourself. However, even at that point you’ll want to consider how often you interact with customers, and if there is a likelihood of any big-wigs coming through the office unexpectedly where you’d want to look your absolute best. Watch out for air-con. That’s right, air-con might be a lifesaver at times, but it can also cause a right bother.


I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve headed off to work with no jacket and a short sleeved shirt. Fine for a warm summers day commute, but once in the office greeted by an arctic blast from the air-conditioning unit, and no place to turn. Always keep a suit jacket or cardigan at work, just in case. Cotton is your friend.


Cotton maybe the heaviest of materials, but it is also one of the most breathable. Wear a predominantly cotton short to allow for maximum breathability at work. You definitely don’t want anyone to see sweat patches which could occur in a less breathable polyester based garment. Cover yourself up. Of course you want to remain cool in the heat, but that doesn’t mean strip off! By which I mean ladies should avoid wearing a skirt too short, and revealing too much cleavage, as this might well keep you cool, but will also give off a hugely unprofessional vibe. The same goes for guys too. Shorts are an absolute no-no, even tailored ones, as well as unbuttoning your shirt too. If your workplace requires a business dress with tie optional, make sure that you do not unbutton more than three. Chances are you aren’t David Beckham, and it won’t look particularly great.


Other things which should be a given all year round but you might need reminding of include never wearing flip-flops or sandals. Whilst it may keep the sweat off your feet, nobody wants to see your feet, so keep them covered up when possible. Also remember to cover up all tattoos. Whilst the popularity of tattoo’s has grown massively recently, they still have a (perhaps unfair) stigma in the corporate world which is that they are the mark of someone who lacks professionalism. We recommend that you keep things simple with plain cotton or poly-cotton shirts, as well as trousers and dress shoes. Keep these clothes as your base, and work from there based on our little guide.


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