Making sure your Safety workwear requirements are met

In our modern world every job requires the right clothing whether it’s safety workwear or something more corporate in nature, clothes maketh the man (or woman) and when it comes to staying safe certain jobs can require that national and international rules and regulations are followed in order that all employees are protected as a far as possible against the risks and dangers that their job entails.

This particular form of workwear has a dual purpose as it not only offers protection, but can also aid the wearer to make their work more efficient and can actually increase productivity. The flipside of this is that if the correct equipment is not supplied that employees can feel unsafe and so cannot focus properly on the job in hand, so lowering productivity and effectiveness, which in turn increases costs. In addition by not supplying the correct protective equipment you could be breaking the law and this could lead to prosecution.

Obviously, different work environments and situation s require different items of work wear and so the choice is somewhat dependant on the area you are going to be involved with, but here are a couple of typical examples.

The use of high visibility garments is found in many areas today, too many according to some commentators, but the areas of construction, emergency services and railway maintenance (where it all began back in the 1960s) are the more accepted areas where they are utilized. In the construction industry, because of the number of hazards that are to found it is likely that they are worn all the time and many sites now make that the rule to be followed.

By definition this type of work wear must be bright and be seen, to catch the attention as well as to make sure people know you are there. This is particularly important in areas where there is poor visibility, such as falling snow, fog and areas lacking in light. Brookes carry a complete range of high visibility garments that suit all your workforce requirements.

Again in the construction industry is the supply of head gear, normally in the form of a helmet, with or without a face guard. However it is also widespread across numerous industrial applications. These can come in bright colours themselves so adding to there versatility.

Other occupations expose certain areas of the body to danger and protective gear is available for them. When you are working with any kind of machinery, it is recommended that you wear safety glasses or goggles to protect you against any spillages, sparks or shards/splinters of wood/metal. In certain scenarios it may be even be appropriate to wear a full face visor. Another area is the hands which must be protected if you are working with chemicals, or even if you are working with loading/unloading of goods. In these circumstances, and many more then gloves of a suitable type should be worn. Thick gloves may also be necessary for those who operate in cold temperatures.

So whatever area you are working in your safety workwear requirements can be satisfied at Brookes the home of workwear, from all the best quality brands, and always at the best discounts available. 


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