If the Hares go mad in March it appears that here at Brookes we reserve the madness for April. The symptoms of this malady are, in our case, a massive discount on our delivery charges. In fact the discount is actually 100% or is that infinity %. I’m no mathematician and frankly it’s just as well I’m not working this discount out for you. How can a discount be 100% you ask? Well it’s simple - order over £50 worth of items and there’s no delivery charge!


So we’ve reduced our delivery charges down to £0. Now I think that’s a 100% reduction in delivery charges but an educated and mathematically minded member of our team has told me that I just don’t understand maths. The fact is that the reduction is actually effectively an infinite percentage because we don’t charge even £0.01 for delivery. Now I’m no Pythagoras, I’m ashamed to say that’s the first and only famous mathematician that sprang to mind, so I don’t really know if they are right or not. What I do know is that given the range and variety of products that we stock we hope it won’t be too difficult for our customers to manage to avoid delivery charges by purchasing £50 worth of our already heavily discounted goods.