The colour of workwear!

We are all aware that giving the right professional image is important in the workplace, both to clients and colleagues, and the New Year is an ideal time to change the image of your company or business, but have you realised that the colour of the garment you are wearing can also project certain ideas too. Research has shown that colours can be used as ‘powerful signifiers’ so when you are looking at having new workwear for your staff what colours should you consider?

Vibrant colours, such as red, yellow and orange are often utilised by companies whose focus is centred on speed, convenience and impact. Red is often seen as a choice for those wanting to show vibrancy, speed and energy, and therefore is used by companies in the fast food sectors, as well as numerous sports teams and couriers. So if you are working in a more active industry, such as fitness clubs or leisure activities it makes a great choice.

Orange is seen as a ‘hot’ colour as it reminds us of sunshine, and is also an energetic colour that is particularly appealing to children, and is a great choice if your company is looking to attract a more ‘youthful’ customer. This makes it a great colour to choose for a nursery or childcare business. It is also perfect for use in the food or health/fitness sectors as it is also associated with citrus and is considered healthy.

Yellow is also seen as a powerful colour that promotes attraction, and is again a warm colour and when used in conjunction with red is seen as a ‘look at me now’ image. Again, this is why it is used in the service and food sectors.

Blues and Greens are seen as being cooler colours in comparison but signify trust and reliability. Green in particular is connected with health and nature, and is seen as being a colour that refreshes and signifies health and cleanliness. Therefore it is no surprise to see it used by many outdoor type companies as well as the medical industry. It is also a wonderful choice for giving an impression of calm, reliability and safety.

Whilst Black and White are seen as being more neutral and simple they are powerful in their own right. White shows simplicity and ease of use and is associated with cleanliness, whilst black is a colour that is associated with formality, professionalism and elegance, and is often incorporated with another colour. However, it can be used on its own very successfully.

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So colour can make a huge difference to how you and your staff are perceived by customers. So whether you are looking at fleeces, polo shirts, shirts or items such as tunics or tabards take a look at the full range we have here at Brookes UK – the home of workwear.


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