Top 5 Reasons For Choosing A Down Jacket As Workwear

The down jacket has since been adapted into vests and body warmers, as well as the every day jacket, which gives them a lot of scope to be used as a comfortable item of workwear which can be worn all year round.


We’ve highlighted our favourite things about the down jacket, and what makes it a great item of workwear.


1. Down jackets are incredibly lightweight. Despite down jackets looking a little bulky, the fact is because they are packed with feathers, they are, almost literally, light as a feather. We’ve found that many down jackets weigh less than half that of regular outdoor jackets.


2. Down jackets are very, very warm! The feather insulation acts like hundreds of tiny layers, so you’ll stay warm even in extreme cold if you wear only a t-shirt underneath a down jacket. Also the fact the jacket itself is so insulated means that if you are still somehow cold at work, then you can easily put a jumper on underneath too.


3. Down jackets are squashable. Because of the way they are insulated with feathers and air, down jackets can be stuffed down into a bag and carried around very easily. Remember that they are also lightweight, so once you’ve put the jacket away in your bag it will barely feel like you are carrying anything at all.


4. You can choose how warm you want to be with a down jacket. Unlike regular outdoor jackets, a down jacket comes in different fill levels. A fill of around 500 will be more than adequate for a day at work or on the way to work, whilst for really chilling temperatures you can go all the way to an 800 or 900 fill jacket. All of these will remain incredibly lightweight.


5. Down jackets look good outside of work. We find that down jackets and down body warmers look just as good outside of work as they do on the job. So in addition to having a nice warming item of workwear, you’ve also got a very fashionable jacket to wear out and about.


Many people dismiss the down jacket as being too lightweight, or not allowing enough movement, or simply can’t believe that something so light could give off so much warmth. How wrong they are. Order a down jacket today as part of your workwear wardrobe and see for yourself just how great they are.


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