What safety work wear uk is required?

We see safety work wear uk everywhere we look in today’s society, from the builder on the construction site with his hard hat and safety shoes to the maintenance worker wearing his high-visibility jacket, but is it all required?

Well partially, due to tighter health and safety laws which oversee the circumstances in which employees are expected to work, and also due to a gradual shift in the attitude of employers towards safety and the approach to looking after the welfare of the workforce. These factors have combined to see a large increase in the uptake and demand for protective clothing and footwear. Even so, is it all necessary? What happened to the old fashioned common sense approach? Aside from all the rules and regulations the answer has to be yes, as the products are specifically designed to protect the wearer in situations where there is potential for injury. As for common sense, well it can be a little over the top in certain situations even, such as hi-vis jackets for chickens (see my earlier blog), but the clothing does offer other benefits to safety, such as additional support, comfort and warmth, and protection against the elements.

Both employer and employees benefit from the availability of safety clothing as preventing injuries to the workforce not only saves a potential painful accident occurring, but saves the costs of loss productivity. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure, and so for a small initial outlay for essential safety items bigger costs can be avoided.

This can even be taken into the home as safety clothing is ideal in preventing injury and keeps you safe while undertaking those little jobs around the house and garden. Even hi-viz clothing can be utilised to help keep you seen while walking the kids to school, jogging or cycling.

So it would appear that work wear uk is always required and whatever your working or home environment here at Brookes we have one of the best ranges for you to choose from, although as yet we don’t have the hi-viz vests for chickens! And don’t forget virtually all our products can be personalised so give us a call today. 


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