Workwear For All Occasions

As workwear evolves though, we wondered what else you can do with it. Many fashionable brands such as Dickies, Carhartt & Helly Hansen are all making workwear, and it would feel wrong just to restrict these great quality items of clothing just to work.


So we challenged ourselves to find some other places where workwear might seem appropriate, and you never know… they might just inspire you to take them out elsewhere.


Now this first one seems fairly obvious, but we think a pair of regular workwear trousers would also make for excellent walking or hiking trousers. They have all the requirements necessary to do the job, so why spend money on an expensive pair of each when one good quality pair will give you years of joy both at work, and on the trails.


Tough, durable, comfortable and waterproof? Well, waterproof sometimes, but the rest stack up very well against walking trousers. Next time you’re off on an adventure weekend, why not slip your work trousers for a bit of extra comfort around the hills.


We also think that certain pairs of work trousers wouldn’t look out of place on a night out socialising. Now we aren’t suggesting you pop on your kneepad trousers down the pub, but certainly a pair of cargo trousers would be perfectly good attire for a relaxed evening or weekend drink. They’re very comfortable trousers, with enough pockets to keep your phone, your wallet, your keys and a few packets of pork scratching’s in. Perfect.


You could even team them with other essential workwear items like polo shirt, or hoodies - both of which go great with trousers or jeans.


Workwear shorts and cargo shorts come in very handy on your summer holidays. They’ll survive the most rigorous of holiday activities, as well as be cool and comfortable when walking along the beach or round the town. They might even come in handy hear in the UK if we ever get another sunny day!


Another suggestion would be you could pop them on for doing DIY around the home. Sure it’s a bit like being at work already, but that’s what these types of clothing were designed for – working. Slip on your workwear gear for constructing those wardrobes, redecorating the kids’ room or even just doing the garden. They’ll appreciate another wear!


Our last suggestion is for the younger folks, although not limited to them! We think that a pair of workwear trousers would come in very handy for those who are travelling or backpacking across the globe. The features we outlined above make them very useful for travelling in, as they’ve superior durability and comfort, as well as all sorts of pockets to keep your Dollars, Rubles and Lira all nicely separated.


Many people also use tool vests when travelling abroad. You can wear tool vests on flights, and carry as much stuff in them as you can fit. So if you’ve got a heavy laptop or want to carry other stuff, try a tool vest. You’ll be able to get more in your bag, and avoid any ridiculous airport charges.


Head on over to the main site to see our great range of stylish yet functional workwear you’ll find perfect for all situations. This multipurpose ability makes them even more of a bargain!


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