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Craft Jackets

Craft Jackets come from one of the pioneering companies for functional clothing for athletes.  Since the late 1970s Craft have been developing innovative clothing, which can stand up to all kinds of extreme conditions, focusing on designing the highest quality performance gear around. Constantly working on the optimisation of new materials and construction technologies, Craft sportswear is the ideal training and competition gear for all activities year-round. The Craft Active Running Tracksuit Top has been ergonomically shaped and fitted to give you total freedom of movement. The use of a light and soft polyester fabric means that this item is both windproof and breathable, and includes ventilation panels at the sweat zones. Craft Jackets also offer great quality and combined with free delivery options and our exceptional service, competitive pricing, and a wide range of other top brands to choose from in our free catalogue or here on the website, what more could we offer.