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Dare 2b

Dare 2b is one of the most respected manufacturers in the field today, because it supplies quality kit right across the range of clothing, from jackets to baselayers, from hats to sweatshirts. It’s almost the case to say that if Dare 2b don’t make it, it’s not worth having it. The Dare 2b Womans Arista Waterproof Jacket is constructed from the latest Ared 5000 coated polyester fabric, with a water repellent finish. This is combined with a part polyester part warm touch scrim lining to give you a warm, waterproof yet breathable jacket. The Dare 2b Conclude T-Shirt is made from a lightweight polyester mesh fabric which is both quick drying and offers a good wicking performance. Perfect for wearing whether you are on a training run, in the gym, or out on the pitch. Dare 2b offer clothing that is the best available in today’s marketplace and in tandem with our amazing customer service, great delivery times, including free delivery options and a comprehensive catalogue and website to choose from, featuring major brands at competitive prices.