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Lotto Shirts

Lotto Shirts come in a range of designs and colours that are unsurpassed and are used professionals and amateurs across the world. The Lotto Mens Long Sleeved Extra Technical Football Shirt is made from 100% polyester, but has a poly tech stretch capability and is ideal for adding your own personalisation using our in-house service, whether it’s a club name or a logo. The Lotto Football Polo Stars HZ Official Short Sleeved Polo Shirt features two contrasting front body-sculpting panels and a ½ zip neck fastening. The use of poly piquet and 100% pl cross-tuck construction using a high-wicking fast drying yarn creates a high performance, comfortable, breathable garment. Lotto Shirts come in a variety of colours to suit any occasion and with our free delivery options, excellent customer service, and a comprehensive free catalogue and website containing all the major brands at discounted prices it’s a great combination.