Snow, we all love that! One fascinating thing about winters other than the holidays and celebrations is the snowfall that people await. But how many of you plan to run while it snows? I bet, a very few. You must be thinking what that is all about, snowfall is the time to snuggle up at home with your family and friends, but it is not that satisfying for people whose heart beats for adventure. For all those wanting an edge in life, running in snow is a way to do that!

We are definitely not saying that it is as easy to run as popping out the nuts from the shell, but nothing beats the crazy feeling of making the first tracks through three inches of powder as the sun is coming up. Hence, we have brought some of the few tips other than wearing a lot of layers, planning ahead, and staying safe that would make it easier if you would like to take the risk.

Get the right shoes

If it is snowy, it is got to be slippery! The sporty fashion shoes that you love wearing during your gym workout sessions or on the trails in summers will not be doing you any good on an icy or snowy surface. Get your hands on the footwear that offers maximum traction and grip sole over the slippery floor while also keeping you warm so that you don't get that frostbite!

Take it slow

Running on the snow is nothing like what you do on the normal days. It needs more strength, courage, and a little presence of mind. Fresh snow is usually pretty safe to run but you have to watch out for the first few minutes to adapt that completely new condition. Try to take small steps, especially if it is your first time. Your speed will likely decrease, but you will be doing a lot of muscle stretch than what you would do on a dry road.

Laugh when you fall

There is no way you are making it straight through the snow without falling! And if you do, laugh it out. It is so much common to fall during winters because of the slippery snow and the people who don't, they must not be going as fast or as hard as you do. So, skip the embarrassment and keep on following your passion even if you hit your hips more than one time.

Safety first

We know how being adventurous could be fulfilling to the soul but everything makes sense if you make it out from it alive! As there is snow and fog around when it starts to get cold, it is harder for vehicles to see you. If you are heading for a long run in snow, make sure you wear high-visibility clothes, or take a torch with you to be easily spotted.

Love every bit of it

Winter season is known to be lazy and all about hibernating! But if you do not embrace every inch of crazy that it offers, you will miss the most of it. Even though it’s freezing, don’t hesitate to gear yourself up and head out for that quick sprint. Join the gym, take a sauna bath, run as hard as you can, or do anything you like to keep your fun side up. If everything else fails, don’t forget to hurl a snowball on a running buddy, just for the sake of it!


So, if you are a little motivated after what you read above, get your shoes out and get ready to embrace the nature with wide arms. Take time to look around and appreciate what this beautiful season brings at your door and we will be all ears when you will share your story!