Pants with knee pads are essential to you if you spend much time on your knees, or work at low levels, or in areas that are tricky to get to. Instead of having to compromise your work conditions or comfort, you need to use trousers with knee pads.

1. This type of pants are ideal for people who spend much of their workday on their knees. This can apply to carpet fitters, roofers, joiners, painters and decorators and many other trades.

2. If you are in the emergency services, support services or mountain rescue services, then you may benefit greatly from wearing workwear trousers with knee pads. What if you are a police officer who needs examine the evidence, on a surface covered in glass, or a mountain rescue volunteer attempting to stabilize an injured walker out on rough mountain terrain

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3. If you are a professional gardener, who spends a great deal of time on your knees then you will have a greater use of pants with knee pads.

4. Using knee pads when working will help reduce the risk of knee problems in life. Think how much more difficult to walk, stand and sit may be, if you have knee problems that could have been easily avoided.

5. Having the right tools for the job, you can do the job much easier and faster. In the same way you use the right tools for each task, you should also wear appropriate work clothes for the working conditions.You are able to concentrate and work more effectively if you feel comfortable.

6. If your hobby or passion involves renovation of automobiles, motorcycles or repair, or DIY then you will soon see the benefits of pants with knee pads. You can be comfortable, and get to the hard to reach places, or spend more time doing what you have to do without getting tired and achy knees.

7. If you are a trader, you can work in a variety of different types of jobs, and without knowing exactly what lies ahead. Using pants with kneepads all the time, it will never be caught off guard when you reach your next job and have to kneel down in a difficult environment.

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