Archaeologists are set to begin work on a twelve week project in Northampton at the site of the new railway station. In the past however, it was part of the site of a mediaeval castle, and when a preliminary investigation took place last October a 12th Century ironstone wall pottery fragments and a Saxon brooch were found.

The dig hopes to unearth more of the town’s historical past, and with trenches a plenty to be dug working trousers with knee pads would be perfect workwear for those in the trenches with their trowels, spades and shovels. Many of the workwear trousers now offer a pocket for inserting knee pads, so whether you are fitting carpets or scraping earth away from pottery fragments we have the product to do the job.

Preparations are in full flow for the dig which starts in a couple of weeks. The existing “Castle Station” is set to be replaced by a £20 million glass and steel building in 2014.

Northampton is well known for its history; it actually had one of the first universities in England, but this dig will see people getting down and dirty unearthing real history. In which case the practicality and durability of the equipment they use will be very important.

So they should check out what we could offer, with those all important kneepads giving both protection and a little comfort to get them through the day, and all from leading brands at the best prices around. Lets hope the weather turns a bit kinder for them, but if not they can always check out our website for the latest jackets to keep them warm and dry. So, let’s hope they find something interesting, a Holy Grail or two would be nice