The latest brand to join the ever-growing list of Brookes products is Amblers Safety, who provide an expansive range of safety footwear solutions – from Amblers Safety Shoes and trainers to Amblers Safety Boots, Rigger Boots and Wellington Boots. Included are a number of different styles, in various colours, for both men and women – but all for an affordable price.

Amblers Safety was founded in 1980 by Footsure, who spotted a gap in the UK market for a quality comfort safety brand at value prices. After this opportunity arose, a range of hardwearing footwear was developed that did not sacrifice comfort. This new range was mainly targeted at workers in the construction, agricultural, contract and service industries.

Originally, ‘Amblers Safety’ was named ‘Amblers Steel’, but was re-branded back in 2012 due to the emergence of composite and metal-free materials, which were an improvement over their predecessor as it had a number of advantages. For example, these new materials offered a more durable product, which was also stronger and lighter. This led to the name change which was certainly necessary to avoid confusion of the potentially misleading use of the word ‘Steel’.

As well as being stronger, lighter and more durable, using these composite materials have a number of other benefits too – toe caps are now better thermal insulators and possessors of non-magnetic properties. The composite toe safety shoes also include toe caps that are constructed from an elastomeric, non-ferrous material – which has the benefit of not conducting heat, cold or electricity. Conforming to the strict EN 12568 standards, this toe cap passes the foot and leg protectors’ requirements as well as all test methods for toe caps and metal penetration resistant inserts.

Every product in this range is thoroughly tested to ensure that it abides by the latest EU standards and receives certification in EN ISO20345 (safety footwear), EN ISO20346 (protective footwear) or EN ISO20347 (occupational footwear) standards.

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