The correct type of workwear in any work environment is important to provide comfort, practicality and most importantly safety. High Visibility workwear is therefore a necessity in many areas, for example for all members of a workforce who are involved with road maintenance or in an area where there is high traffic volume. The goal of hi-vis clothing is in its own name, to keep individuals highly visible to everyone around them. For example, workers in mines or on construction sites use this type of clothing as a means of letting others know their location.

Clothing of this type comes in many different forms, b it jackets, trousers, overalls, vests, tops and headgear. The particular place of work determining what combination is used to provide the best solution. The colours available can vary but the main group we see are fluorescent orange, yellow and green. It normally has additional band or bands of reflective tape depending on the individual type of clothing, so around the torso and on the arms for a top or jacket, or around the lower part of the legs for trousers. This adds another layer of safety for the wearer, to make them seen apart from the bright colour of the clothing. Materials used in the manufacture f this product usually involve blends of polyester and cotton.

To reduce costs for the organisation, safety clothing in general and high visibility items in particular should be obtained in bulk wherever possible. Any workwear needs to be utilitarian to satisfy the needs of the company; however it still needs to be comfortable to wear so that the job can be completed to the required standard. A railway worker for example, needs to seen against the background of the track, but the clothing needs to allow a certain degree of movement so that lifting digging etc can be completed. In addition certain types can serve a dual purpose by giving protection against the elements of snow, rain, wind etc. Fur and quilt-lined workwear is available to counteract the cold weather particularly rain and snow to keep workers warm and comfortable as well as visible so they can get the job done.

Whatever the working environment, it is in the best interest of the company to have high visibility workwear that complies with safety regulations, and is both comfortable and durable. This makes everyone happy, as the workforce is safe and the management is happy as they still have the opportunity to safe costs and have a happy workforce that gets jobs done in a safe environment