Within the hospitality industry, the use of an apron can help supplement the standard uniform of white shirt, black tie, waistcoat and trousers which is still the most common despite the range of colours that are now available, and so give it a more contemporary look

The apron can provide a splash of colour, whether subtle or something more bright to make your staff stand out and help to distinguish your brand from others. The use of the right colour with a mix of styles will give you the best fit staff uniform that can really help to improve and push the image of a business. The use of co-ordinated uniforms amongst a workforce not only makes them look good, but can make them feel good too, so making the use of modern bright, even fun uniform additions can really help staff to give service with a real smile and with the range of styles and colours we have available you can create something special to impress the customers coming through your door. After all the appearance of your staff is one of the first things which will help to create a good impression of your business to customers.

The apron adds several other benefits. Obviously it acts as a protection from food stains. A large majority of the aprons are equipped with pockets so that staff members can hold towels, cutlery, notepads, and change for customers, whatever they might need to carry to improve service for the customer. In a fast moving working environment it acts as a protective and practical additional layer to the uniform, and allows your staff to be increasingly efficient in their service to customers and each other.

Here at Brookes we have an extensive range for you to choose from, and all have the option of adding your company logo or branding using our excellent in-house service. So whatever apron you require to add to your workwear clothing uniform we can deliver a high quality garment that is just right.