Aprons are used throughout the hospitality sector, whether it is front of house or in the kitchen and at Brookes the home of workwear we offer a range of colours and styles that is unsurpassed. Whether you need something plain subtle or brightly coloured, we have a quality durable product at the right price to suit your requirements.

The overall dining experience is enriched when the waiting staff have a smart and stylish appearance. The use of the right colour with a mix of styles will give you the best fit staff uniform that can really help to improve and push the image of a business. The use of co-ordinated uniforms amongst a workforce not only makes them look good, but can make them feel good too, so making the use of modern bright, even fun uniform additions can really help staff to give service with a real smile.

The addition of a simple stylish apron can even make a contribution to the way your bar staff perform in the workplace. Wearing this as part of the uniform helps staff make that change from leisure to work time and acts as part of the preparation for beginning work. This simple change to their outfit can help to improve confidence and enhance the teamwork element that is all important in running a successful business. And with the range of styles and colours we have available you can create something special to impress the customers coming through your door.

The heat of the kitchen can bring different emotions to the fore, as we have seen on many of today’s cooking programmes, bringing together culinary excellence and artistic flare, and quite a few boiling temperatures (as well as a few choice words). However, with the right clothing that has been designed for comfort and style any chef can remain cool and calm, so adding to any business’ recipe for success.

And remember we have our own in-house personalisation service so you can add your own logo to make your workwear choice that little bit more unique. So take a look at the full range on the website and we look forward to receiving your first order.