We are pleased to announce that we now stock a selection of Mascot workwear at ebrookes.co.uk. The range includes workwear trousers, undershirts, boxer shorts and under trousers in various sizes. The latest addition is the breathable wind and waterproof   Mascot Aveiro Jacket.

Mascot Aveiro Jacket

The Mascot range opts for a modern approach and style whilst retaining the highest levels of safety and comfort, all at an affordable price. Mascot sources all of its own raw materials to maintain the highest levels of quality. This is done from a central, ultra modern warehousing facility, supplying the main garment factory near Hanoi Vietnam and numerous others worldwide.

Mascot operates a ‘Tested To work’ program that is more than just a company slogan.This involves stringent testing of fabrics at the companies laboratories in Denmark and Vietnam. However there is no substitute for the real world so extra testing is done on-site at many locations such as building sites and oil platforms by worker test panels. These panels provide feedback on the performance of the various types of workwear. In recognition of this stringent approach Mascot was awarded the Frost and Sullivan Product Innovation Award.

The new sewing facility in Vietnam opened in 2008 and is capable of producing 800k of quilted fabric per year. Conditions for workers are of a high standard with on site medical facilities and high rates of pay for South East Asia.

Mascot employs one of the industry’s largest sales forces, and is the largest privately owned manufacturer of safety footwear and workwear in Europe. The central warehouse contains up to two million pieces of product, with 17,000 workwear and safety footwear product numbers. Mascot has over 1,000 employees in Vietnam and Europe.