Recent research has shown that over 90% of clothes bought in the USA are actually manufactured outside the country’s borders, but one of the few exceptions to this is Carhartt workwear. So it is to this company that most US citizens turn to if they are looking for high quality, durable American made clothing. Now the rest of the world has caught on to this and here at Brookes we have a wonderful selection for you to choose.

Primarily used for workwear, Carhartt is one of the few brands that has crossed over into streetwear, which has made it one of the most fashionable ranges to be seen wearing at the moment. Recently musicians have taken up the Carhartt brand and it can be seen being worn by various groups and individuals in the hip-hop and urban music genres, such as Flat Bush Zombies (personally, I’m none the wiser with that one). They see the clothing as stylish (can’t argue with that myself) and “not too pricey so you get a bang for your buck” which roughly translates as being excellent value for money in the Queen’s English. A prime example would be the Carhartt Midweight Signature Sleeve Logo Hooded Sweatshirt, stylish in design and made from the latest blended fabric. It features a draw-cord on the hood, front hand-warmer pocket, spandex reinforced rib-knit cuffs and waistband with the Carhartt logo printed on the sleeve and logo path on the pocket, this looks good whether worn on the street or on the construction site.

So with the temperatures beginning to drop why not look at the range of shirt, jackets, and hooded tops that we have available. You will be amazed at their durability, as they are specially designed for intensive activity so they are specifically designed to wear hard. Some of the items are even tested for their non-rip capability.  Whatever you require your garment for, whether it’s for leisure or work here at Brookes we can satisfy your requirements for Carhartt workwear.