Are attitudes to workwear UK changing? A recent survey by YouGov set out to find whether attitudes to appropriate workwear in offices across the country are changing and if so who is leading the changes taking place.

The poll asked a series of questions to office workers in a spread of different sectors of the economy on what they currently wear, and what they think they should be allowed to wear. Sectors covered included manufacturing, financial services, IT and telecommunications, medical and health workers and finally education.

The survey revealed some startling differences in opinions, some surprising, and some not so. Here are some of their findings.

Education proved to the liberal sector with over half of male and female respondents stating that all workers should be able to wear shorts, flip-flops, sun hats and caps to work. On the flip side the most conservative were those in the financial sector with over half not mentioning any of the above items of clothing as being acceptable in the workplace.

There were also such definite differences between the genders. Men were more likely to answer that they should be allowed to wear shorts to work than women, and were also more likely to think that women should be allowed to wear shorts than the women themselves.

In general, women were found to have more freedom when it came to what was allowable to be worn in the office environment than the men, but were less liberal in their own attitudes to what should be allowable for the men.

Age was also found to make a difference, with younger office workers tending to be more relaxed about what they should be allowable to wear with shorts being a popular choice for both men and women in the 18 to 24 age group. In comparison workers over the age of 55 were the least flexible and most conservative in what they considered correct attire for work.

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