Cheap workwear, well I’d rather say affordable. The word cheap has certain connotations for me, as the definition of the word, as well as meaning inexpensive, can be “tastelessly showy” and “of a very poor quality”. Here at Brookes we always supply the highest quality products from the best known and respected brands and we always aim to offer the best prices, we won’t sell anything that is cheap and nasty.

I would always prefer to pay a few pennies more for a product that I know will last and do the job I need it to do, rather than look to save extra money in the short term on a product I don’t recognise and end up having to buy something else when it doesn’t do the job. That is simply a case of false economy, which is particularly relevant in the current economic climate. I realise that we have to save every penny we can, but the old adage of you get what you pay for, is one I always adhere to. This is especially true when considering workwear that is being used in hazardous or dangerous areas, so flame retardant trousers or hi-viz jackets for example quality is the first and most important consideration.

Value for money is another phrase that I like hearing, and an example of this would be the Regatta New Action Trousers. A brand that is well known and respected for producing quality hard wearing garments across a range of outdoor activities, and these are no exception. The water/stain resistant polycotton fabric provides outstanding comfort and durability. They seem to have enough pockets to store everything you need and more and have knee patches for additional wear support. Plus they are priced so that you save over 50% on the RRP, and with further savings on quantity sales, that’s simply great value.

So cheap workwear isn’t always the best option, trust quality and the discounts from Brookes and you won’t go wrong.