The coverall or boiler suit is a ubiquitous workwear item which is seen in numerous working environments, and briefly as a fashion item. The word comes from the garment’s use in maintaining coal fired boilers on steam locomotives. In order to clean the firebox someone had to climb through the small fire hole. A one-piece suit prevented snagging on clothing when climbing in and out and also stopped soot from covering your normal working clothes. However, it has evolved into a piece of workwear that is used in numerous professions.

When you select a boiler suit it is important to bear in mind the industry you are working in, as certain trades may be affected by various rules and regulations which limit the style or properties that the garment possess’.

In general the majority of coveralls or boiler suits are simply a hardwearing, one piece garment designed to keep dirt, grime and spills off you while you are working. They are particularly popular as they are very comfortable to wear, and being a one piece garment there will be no riding up of the top which would create gaps for dirt to get inside. This is predominately a problem for professions such as mechanics when lying under vehicles but certainly applies to many other trades too.

One of the current best sellers is the Dickies Redhawk Knee Pad Zip Front Coverall. Available in a choice of colours and is made using premium polycotton, with a two way metal zip front with a studded over placket. With two zipped chest pockets, two large back patch pockets (one zipped), two swing pockets with side access, one rule pocket, one tool pocket and a double pencil pocket on the sleeve, with full back elastication and an action back this is feature packed. Available in a range of sizes from small to XXL, with an option of two inside leg measurements this really is a must have item for your workwear wardrobe.

Whereas the majority of coveralls and boiler suits use polycotton there are some which use cotton drill and those that are treated so that they are flame retardant. Therefore you must be sure of the environment you will be working in so that the correct type is being worn. For our full range, please visit our website.