Here at Brookes we offer an extensive range of gloves which can be used to protect against the hazards faced in a variety of workplace environments. Providing hand safety is serious business as there are numerous hazards your employees could be exposed to and here these include cuts and scrapes, puncture wounds, heat and chemical burns, extremes of heat and cold and hazardous substances that can irritate or be absorbed by the skin to name a few.

Obviously the best way to prevent injury is to protect workers by providing them with the right gloves for the job For example, you might require employees to wear:

Cotton gloves to keep hands clean, improve grip, insulate from mild heat or cold, and provide some protection from cuts, scrapes.

Leather gloves to protect against rough surfaces, sharp edges, and objects that can cut or puncture skin, and sparks and heat that can cause burns.

Rubber gloves to protect hands from strong cleaning products and moisture, as well as to provide insulation when working with electricity.

Disposable gloves for protection against mild skin irritants as well as bacteria and viruses.

Chemical-resistant gloves (e.g., nitrile, neoprene, rubber, polyvinyl) to protect hands against hazardous chemicals (when the hazard is chemical, be sure to consult the MSDS for recommendations about glove selection).

Temperature-resistant gloves to protect against extreme heat or cold.

Metal mesh gloves to protect against cuts and amputations when sharp instruments or objects are being handled.

Shock-absorbing gloves to protect against repetitive motion stress and vibration.

So the Dickies Thornmaster Gloves for example, which are a mixture of 70% cotton and 30% nitrale, and have an enhanced grip and think liner are ideal for use in circumstances which involve heavy lifting providing protection from friction such as landscaping or garden based environments.

The Portwest Sabre Lite 5 Glove provides protection against cuts while providing the dexterity and comfort required when working with sharp knives. These also conform EN420 and EN388 2.5.4 x CE so are food safe, so are ideal for working in food preparation environments.

Whatever your requirements here at Brookes, the home of workwear, our range of gloves will tick all the boxes, and will keep your workforce safe without breaking the budget. Check out the full range today.