A recent study in the Experimental Social Psychology Journal revealed that lots of people, especially those in the sport, have items of lucky clothing that allow them to feel that they will perform better and that they may be something in this.

Wearing something which that the wearer believes to be lucky, can change their cognitive behaviour so that they are more assertive, confident and therefore are empowered and more likely to succeed in their endeavour.

But what makes a lucky garment?

Colour and association are the two main elements that have an influence,

Colour is significant, it’s no coincidence that women often feel sexier and more powerful in a scarlet dress, or feel that they can take on the world when they wear that little black dress. A dinner suit can often have the same effect for men, but at the same time some people feel more confident when there are wearing more casual attire.

Association with a previous happy or successful experience can also make clothing lucky. In general formal clothing is most likely to have an association, for example when wearing that smart pair of trousers for an interview or promotion. However it’s worth remembering that it only takes most people four seconds to form an impression of a stranger, based mainly on clothing and body language, so you need to wear the right pair.

Sports clothing can have an obvious association with success, that’s the teamwear we wore when we won that Cup or League, or this or that medal.

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