Its hot, in fact its unseasonably hot. Hotter than July (in the words of the great Stevie Wonder), and its only March. Is it weather? is it climate change? Are we just lucky? Who knows. The real questions for us, as I sit here in the comfort of our Brookes offices, are the challenges that this unseasonable weather can create in the workwear environment.


Well this is clearly T Shirt weather or even casual Polo Shirt weather so how do you keep you or your work force cool and looking cool. Keeping people looking cool with workwear? Well to us that means representing your company in a professional manner both internally and externally. Looking professional is often the key to “being professional” and having smart company clothing even “cool” company clothing is half the battle.


Here’s a thought, we offer exceptionally economical deals on bulk logoing. It’s well worth contacting our experienced customer support team and picking their brains on the options available for logoed clothing. They even advise free of charge though to keep going we do have to sell the odd item. So why not use our experience and create an updated or even a completely new image for your company and your workforce.


Hey here’s a hot weather madness offer. I’ve had a word with Kirstie who deals with our logo services. Work wear advice, recommendation and design all comes naturally to our experienced team. So having offered a lot of chocolate as a bribe to our team they’ve agreed   to provide a free initial consultation and advice with respect to creating either an updated or a new corporate image for your workforce. It must be the heat! What have you got to lose? You can contact our team here on 0844 209 6389 8am - 5.30pm Mon-Fri


In the meantime lets hope this weather continues for a few more weeks.