Corporate workwear is still the expected “uniform” in an office environment, and understandably that you dress appropriately for that situation. Smart is the name of the game, for both men and women, so ripped jeans and an old t-shirt are not going to help.

When wearing what can be termed more formal workwear it can be better to ere on the side of caution, to be more conservative in what you wear. However, with the choice of styles and designs available today this does not mean you cannot look stylish at the same time. The idea is to look professional but this doesn’t mean you have to cover up from head to toe; it’s a matter of not being too provocative.

Men may go for a bright shirt or even a brash and bold tie, simply to try and add a little bit of individuality within the office, from those who prefer a simple white shirt and dark tie. Depending on the nature of the business a smart shirt with no tie may be appropriate, or even a polo shirt. This may allow the opportunity to add a company logo to give an increased corporate look and feel.

It may be a case of working within a dress code which the company sets out, so they may be some leeway within what you have to wear and what must never be worn. So if you are normally having to wear a shirt and tie combination then in warmer weather polo shirts may be allowed, or a more casual approach is allowed on a Friday, an approach taken up by many large companies.

So whatever corporate workwear you require to look your best in the office, whether it’s a short sleeve shirt or a pair of trousers, then we have it here at Brookes, and lots more besides.