The Building and Safety Group have released research that has revealed that construction accidents involving trips and slips more than double during the winter months. The number of accidents involving falling from a significant height or being hit by falling objects have actually reduced, but it’s the simple things that are being ignored.

 Despite the reduction in working hours in the period assessed, namely November to January the number of overall accidents rose by 6.21%., and the number of accidents that were caused by a trip, slip or fall rose by an amazing 133%. Other research has shown that in all industrial accidents over half involve a slip or trip so shoes of all types are vitally important.

 Given the nature of the weather in these periods it may not be too surprising that these figures show a marked increase, but it doesn’t take much thinking and preparation to avoid them in the first place. One aspect to consider would be the condition of a workforce’s safety boots. It would appear more than sensible for boots to be replaced at this time of year, whether sites are in operation or not. This would have a direct influence on people slipping or tripping on a site in wintery conditions. All area of the country are affected by snow and ice and people need to be aware of the dangers and risks they are opening themselves to, after all a new pair of safety is no cost at all when compared to projects being held up when accidents happen, and workers being injured.

 So, with the cold on its way back, if you haven’t replaced your boots, now may be the best time to do it. Check out what is available on the website and save yourself a whole heap of trouble. It’s never too late.