Smart personalised workwear, especially in retail sectors has been found to drive sales as employees take on new process’ and procedures to increase sales, and so create new jobs in the improving economic climate.

The survey which has taken place over the last three years found that well over 80% of those who work in a retail environment believed that dressing to create the right impression with customers and colleagues is one key area where the individual can influence the final outcome, i.e. a sale. This was backed up by more than 20% of those who took part saying that a more “uniformed” approach would help them increase sales and win new business.

People feel more part of a team when wearing a uniform, and as a result this can increase there confidence when completing their assigned tasks. During times of austerity first impressions matter more than ever. The way someone dresses is a trigger to how we are perceived in both terms of professionalism, trustworthiness and ability to complete a designated task. The uniform look is therefore more attractive to potential customers as well. The use of comparative photographs showed that 96% of those taking part choose the worker wearing smart work wear over the casual dress to indicate these factors. In addition more than 90% make the argument that what a person is wearing within the working environment determined how professional and trustworthy they looked, with nearly 40% also commenting that scruffy or unkempt clothing impacted performance.

Another factor than made a significant impact on some one’s trustworthiness was time-keeping, again with over 90% stating that tardiness was something that would affect a person’s performance and ability.

So are we seeing a return to tie and collar being the norm, well not quite, but we are seeing a positive approach that sees a smart appearance being the place to start and get business going. Casual dress is still appropriate in certain work areas, but many retail businesses see the use of smart personalised workwear as the way forward. So the next time you need workwear see what we can offer, a great choice of colours and designs, top quality materials, logoing service, and all backed up by our top rate customer service.