The screen image of an archaeologist at work may look like a cross between Indiana Jones and Lara Croft, but in real life is more likely to look like Bob the Builder in workwear for men and women. They are more likely to be involved in projects in cooperation with large construction sites, and so have to follow all the same rules and regulations which the builders have to follow. So safety helmets, high visibility waterproof jackets steel top capped boots will be considered normal.

Obviously, this can change depending on the geographic location and the time of year, but on-site gear should be comfortable yet robust. Cargo trousers or shorts take a lot of punishment and have those ever useful pockets. Whatever your location a good pair of boots is essential, and steel top caps could be your greatest friend. Remember the fit is very important as you do not want to get blisters.

Whether you are in the Sahara or Scotland it is possible to get sunburn and heatstroke (OK more likely in one than the other, but the point is still a valid one) so always wear a hat to protect yourself and maybe consider one that protects the back of the neck.

When packing for a summer dig, try not to take too much, as it is best to travel light (especially if your work is taking you to more exotic locations) so make sure that what you take is really going to be used. The normal way on this is to have two workwear sets of clothing and two casual sets to relax in, one of which you can wear on the journey. Add to this a week’s worth of socks and underwear, a couple of long sleeved tops as they provide that extra bit of protection and a sweater or fleece as no matter where you go in the world mornings or evenings can be chilly – even in hot climates.

So whatever dig you find yourself on here at Brookes we can supply all your clothing requirements to kit you out from top to toe, and everywhere in-between too. So whether you need new boots or those all important kneepads to add to your workwear for men or women we can supply the latest quality kit at the best prices.