Hollywood, the land of glitz and glam, where million dollar deals are done over lunch and careers can be made or destroyed with the right word. But what’s this? The men who make the deals, the all powerful agents are developing a new style for there workplace.

Old style agents still prefer the dark suit, with shirt and tie, even through it is will be designer and personally tailored, the new kids on the block are developing there own style. It used to be you knew who was an agent as soon as they worked into a room because they all dressed the same way, now different styles are beginning to appear and the polo shirt is leading the way.

Whatever the style, be it long or short sleeved, tucked in or left outside the trousers, it appears that things are changing. A degree of individuality appears to be central to the new look.

So is Hollywood becoming substance over style, I don’t think so but at least won’t look out of place if you pick one of the smart polo shirts from our range if you are lucky enough to travel to the West Coast this summer. Who knows you might even get your big break, because you are trending the latest style.

You could even get your own logo put on, remember you still have to stand out from the crowd to impress, but sometimes the latest styles can be understated too. So whether you are Hollywood old school and prefer the Armani suit or the new laid back look, the power is still with the agents when it comes to getting deals done in Tinseltown.