1. A more professional look for your staff when interacting with customers enhancing the perception of your business


2. As long as the equipment is safety compliant you will be keeping your staff safe which can only be good for them and the company. It also shows the world that you are an ethical and moral employer


3. Research has shown that a smarter looking workforce is a more productive workforce


4. If your staff work outside the workwear will keep them dry and warm. This too can help productivity as staff will be less hampered by cold limbs and will also help to prevent chills and colds


5. Staff working outside particularly near the roadside or railways need to be wary of possible dangers from vehicles, so hi visibility clothing can help them be seen and safe.


6. Free corporate branding in the form of your company name, phone number and web address can be added to workwear so when your staff are out and about you can get your details across


7. With full branding you can create the impression of a large business which may help you secure larger contracts and improve your overall image.


8. Full consultation with your staff prior to ordering any workwear, can have unexpected benefits. For example workwear that has more space for storing tools can help save time by reducing extra journeys.

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