It is official and summer is done and dusted, although the weather outside isn’t too bad at the moment, we all know what we have to face over the next few months and that is cold windy wet and snowy so we will need work clothing that will suit the prevailing conditions. After all during the winter months the cold physically affect’s the productivity of employees so let’s see what we can do to help and here are a couple of things to consider.

Make sure you use high visibility workwear correctly and effectively: With less daylight in the winter safety should have an increased priority for those working outside either early in the morning, or later in the afternoon and evening, and utilising the benefits of high visibility clothing is one effective consideration. So why not consider the Dickies Workwear Hi Vis Fleece, which supplies a layer of warmth from the fleece material but maintains your safety aspects with the outer shell being constructed to show the required reflectiveness required.

Fleeces and Gilets/Body Warmers: Designed to help keep the wearer warm these can easily be incorporated into a work uniform or dress code, and we have our department that can add your company branding or logo. The Gilet/Bodywarmer also allows a greater freedom of movement but at the expense of no protection on the arms, so both garments are great but in their specific areas of use.

Baselayers / Thermals: An ideal option for the winter months to keep employees warm, after all it works for hiking and other outdoor pursuits, so is ideal for those working outdoors too and I know this one from personal experience

Gloves: A great addition to any equioment or clothing you provide for your employees, and the hands are probably one of the two most vulnerable areas to suffer from the cold, and the choice available means that there is something suitable for any work environment.

Headwear: The other most vulnerable area to suffer in the winter, so the provision of these as part of the workwear ensemble is a great idea for employers.

Waterproofs: Whether its jackets, trousers or any waterproof item, staying dry is a must especially in cold weather so it is import ant that these are made available to your workforce.

Footwear: Another priority for the winter, when underfoot conditions can be dangerous so appropriate quality footwear suitable for the conditions that are being faced must be supplied so that your workforce can complete tasks safely.

Trousers: Durable and hardwearing trousers will provide protection from the cold and dirt, especially if lined.

I hope that this little list gives you food for thought, but it doesn’t cover everything, so why not check out the website and see what you can find that would be suitable for your workforce.