While the weather will get colder, windier, wetter and probably snowy too over the next few months work has to continue so workwear clothing that will suit the conditions will be needed. During the winter months colder conditions make working outside physically harder so let’s see what products can be utilised to protect your workforce at this time of the year.

One vital piece of clothing, at this time of year especially, is your high visibility workwear. This has an increased importance with the effect of shorter days as far as light is concerned. Those working outside have to take more care especially in the early mornings and late in the afternoon.

Specifically designed to retain heat, the Gilet or Bodywarmer is one product that can easily be utilised if you want to maintain a company dress code or uniform look for your workforce, and we have our own in-house department that can add your company logo or branding to the product. This particular product’s design is ideal for areas such as warehouse work as it allows a greater freedom of arm movement compared to a full jacket.

An excellent way of staying warm when working outside is by wearing a Baselayer or thermals. These are designed to wick sweat away from the skin so you stay warm and comfortable throughout the day.

The hands are probably one of the worst areas to suffer from the cold, so it makes sense for gloves to be an addition to the clothing you supply your employees as there is a great choice of options available, which will suit numerous working environments.

Of course the other area that is most exposed to the elements is the head so the provision of warm headwear, such as a fleece lined beanie, is always appreciated.

Staying dry is important at any time of the year, but especially when it is cold, so the provision of waterproofs, whether it is jackets or trousers is something that should always be provided for your workforce.

Another important consideration for the winter is to have the correct footwear for the conditions your workforce has to face. This should confirm to any safety considerations so that any jobs can be completed correctly.

Durable and hardwearing trousers will provide protection from the cold and dirt, especially if lined.

This particular list is by no means exhaustive, but should certainly give you some ideas for what your particular group of employees requires this winter to get the job done, safe and warm. Check out your individual requirements on the website where you will find our complete range of top quality branded products, backed up by our outstanding customer service, so you know you will always get the best for your employees