We all know that is important to wear hi vis workwear in all weathers, but it isn’t the first thing we reach for and no one looks good wearing it. We all know that it lets us be seen, especially in hazardous locations such as quarries, roadside maintenance, or building sites. However, reasons for not being overly keen to wear it can be equally as valid. It can be cumbersome, gets in the way, which can make it more trouble than it is worth at least in the minds of the people who have to wear the garments while working.

This is made worse in winter, when the other bulky clothing you have to wear to keep warm, like jackets and coats makes wearing an additional hi-vis vest and other gear even  more awkward. However, the weather conditions that winter brings, with slippery surfaces and limited visibility, from longer hours of darkness, sleet and snow makes the need to wear safety gear even more important. So what can be done to alleviate this situation?

We can appreciate that wearing an additional vest or waistcoat over the top of winter clothing can be uncomfortable and a little cumbersome, so why not eliminate the need for the additional piece altogether. Without it workers have more freedom of movement and are also less likely to catch on other pieces of equipment as they work. So why not consider the range of coats and jackets at Brookes that incorporate the high visibility element into there outer layer. We have fleeces and 3-in-1 jackets which combat the cold and keep worker seen and safe and are suitable for a variety of work situations. Made utilising the same materials that are used in the latest outdoor clothing ranges, but with the added visibility that is required by heath and safety regulations.

This use of specialised hi vis workwear also allows you to brand them with your company logo with all the advantages this brings. Why not speak to one of our specialist logo team who can take you through our excellent in-house service. Whatever your requirements her at Brookes the home of workwear we can supply a required product of the highest quality at the best price.