High-vis waistcoats are one of the most versatile safety garments available today, and are available in a range of colours although they were described by Karl Lagerfeld as being yellow, ugly, doesn’t go with anything but it could save your life. Well it might not win any fashion awards but it is a garment that can certainly make a real difference to your safety at work.

High visibility garments are now standard issue for anyone working in potentially hazardous working environments, from building sites to road and railway maintenance workers. After all the more easily you can be seen, the more likely that a serious accident can be avoided. The railway industry were the first to see the potential of hi-vis with trails beginning way back in the mid-1960s, and has seen the rate of deaths and serious injuries on the rail network reduced year on year.

This is a specialist form of clothing made from fluorescent materials. Typically, the clothes also have reflective bands sewn into them, increasing their reflective properties in order to increase visibility during both day and night.

In daylight, the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun react with the fluorescent materials so that they appear to glow, whereas at night-time the reflective bands use artificial light from car headlights, street lamps or portable lights to increase visibility.

So you could choose the Caterpillar Hi Vis Safety Waistcoat, you will see this in practical terms being provided by the silver strips across the chest and shoulders, and the yellow material of the main body of the garment. It also features a hook and loop closure placket so that the garment does not fall open. Similarly the Yoko Men’s 2 Bands Waistcoat is made from 120gsm polyester and uses a Velcro fastening with two 5cm reflective tapes around the body. This also conforms to EN ISO20471 Class 2.

So to keep your workforce seen and safe whatever the conditions check out the full range available on the website today. And don’t forget that you can still have your company name/logo added using our excellent in-house service.