Sweatshirts are an essential item of workwear in the autumn and winter. Actually, for those who are also in the UK, they are essential almost all year round with our weather!


In all seriousness though, a sweater is a cracking item of workwear to have in your wardrobe, and with so many options available you can dress yourself up however you like.


You’ll find every single type of sweater on the market right here at Brookes, so we’ve decided to compile this handy buyer’s guide on which sweaters and materials might be right for your business.


Crew Neck Sweatshirts


A crew neck sweatshirt is the classic sweatshirt you see nearly everywhere, usually cotton with a round neck and elasticised cuffs and waists.


One of these sweatshirts will be best for those who work outdoors, or those who don’t require the jumper to be part of the everyday uniform, more something which can be put on now and then, without losing the uniformed look.


These jumpers are ideal to be worn over a t-shirt, but do not work with a collared shirt.


This type of workwear sweater has been most popular with builders, glazers, plasterers and many other ‘hands on’ trades.


V-Neck Sweatshirts


V-neck sweaters are good alternative to the crew neck for those who wear a collared shirt as part of their work outfit, as it allows the shirt’s collar to take a more natural position spread across the shoulders. Although this type of sweater can be worn with a t-shirt, it looks much better on proper shirts.


V-Neck sweatshirts usually just the same price as their crew necked counterpart, so the choice really is up to you.


Cotton, Polyester, Wool?


So many choices, which to choose! Well you should continue to take in the same considerations as you would for anything else. How much do you value, comfort, style, fit and of course, price? Also consider how often the jumper is going to be used. For example those who will need to be giving the garments a lot of wear may want to consider something leaning more towards polyester than cotton in the fabric mix, as it will dry quicker once washed.


The fabric factor will also need consideration for whatever your workload is. A wool jumper will be no good for heavy lifting, but will be smart enough for an office job.


Embroidery & Printing


Embroidery and printing however goes across the board, and makes the most of any sweater or jumper, any material.


Adding this will provide a much better finish to garments in the workplace, as well as promoting brand awareness and recognition to the general public who see your items.


For more information abut which workwear jumpers and sweaters are best for your needs, have a browse of our large selection or call up our experts on 0844 509 6389.