Choosing the right polo shirt can be much the same as choosing the right t-shirt for workwear, however there are a few other things which should be taken into consideration, especially for those who wish to embroider their logo onto a polo shirt.


So, without further ado we bring you our guide to choosing the right polo shirt for your business.


Long or short sleeved polo shirts?


This would be the obvious starting point for choosing a polo shirt for work. There’s little difference in price, so what needs to be considered the most is the environment.


Are you mainly in warm weather or indoors? Then a short sleeved would be the way to go. Short sleeved polo shirts are also offer the flexibility of looking good underneath other items of workwear such as a jumper or tank top.


Long sleeved however also has their advantage. They offer the coolness of a short sleeved polo shirt, and indeed look that bit classier than a short sleeved shirt, however they are much more difficult to layer up, with them only being suited really to a gillet or body warmer.


So as you can see both have their plus and minus points, so the choice is down to you. Certainly take on board all the considerations of buying a regular t-shirt too – sizes, style, colour, and price – All important factors when choosing workwear clothing.


Embroidered Polo Shirts


Right, now you’ve decided which polo shirt is the best for you, adding a touch of embroidery can make a significant difference to the shirt.


Not only does it look good, and give your staff a much more professional looking appearance, but it can bring in the customers too, we’re certain of that.


How do we know? Because we’ve done our homework on this one! Research has indicated that a logo on printed or embroidered workwear clothing is seen 240 times per day, per garment. Now then nearly a third of those people claimed they were ‘much more likely’ to have dealings with a company they recognised the name of. Yes that’s right, adding a logo could mean around 80 people per month have become more likely to do business with you.


At Brookes we can add the logo for you no problem, and our prices start at just £1.10 per item. That works out at less than 2p per potential client.


Brookes offer a tremendous service, but unfortunately you’ll have to go get those clients yourselves. We can do a heck of a lot, but this one’s on you!